About us

About the company

Technitel Norge AS was founded in May 2014 as a business continuation in service provisioning of the polish company: Technitel Polska S.A. that started in July 2012. Since that time, the norwegian company has been providing a full spectrum of telecommunications services in Norway. We offer superior quality services in the field of fiber optic networks that include network construction, individual installations and maintenance.

The parent company Technitel Polska S.A. was established in 2005 in Poland. Its capital is the knowledge and experience of people being the pioneers of optical fiber technology in Poland. The founders of the company and first employees originate from the largest and most renowned companies of the telecommunications and IT sector in Poland. Over a decade of hard work has resulted in many successful deployments of complex telecommunications and IT projects, as well as a considerably large group of satisfied clients. The company provides deliveries and services to a very demanding and technologically advanced market. This requires the employment of high class professionals from many fields, whose knowledge and experience enable to meet these challenges. The core of the personnel consists of experienced specialists with extensive knowledge in the telecommunications sector.