08.02.2017 FTTH project – Krokeide 2
Technitel received a medium sized project from Eltel Networks AS. We will perform jobs very soon.

15.01.2017 Davanger FTTH project 
We started a new project from Relacom AS on Askøy island.

09.01.2017 Customer installations in Fyllingsdalen 
We will realize more than 300 installations in Storhammeren blocks.

09.01.2017 Our teams are back in Norway!
Technitel continues cooperation with Relacom AS and Eltel Networks AS in 2017. We will deliver fibre services for them.

21.12.2016 Merry Christmas!
We wish all our clients and partners Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

24.11.2016 OPGW splicing in Førde!
In a few days we will send two employees to Førde. They will conduct OPGW splicing on Stakaldefossen-Holsen high-voltage line! An exciting job, doesn’t it?

09.11.2016 FTTH project in Os
Technitel received a difficult project from our main client – Relacom AS. We will conduct jobs in Os.

01.11.2016 Our help needed in Vallaheiane
We will deliver our services and provide support for Eltel Networks in Vallaheiane.

03.10.2016 The first FTTH project from Eltel Networks AS!
We received the first project from our new client – Eltel. It is located in Haugland-Berland neighbourhood. The team has already started working there.

20.09.2016 Customer installations in Veitvet Hageby (Oslo area)
Technitel will do customer installations in Veitvet. We must complete over 300 inside installations until mid-November!

04.07.2016 New projects in Nittedal area
In three weeks we shall begin with the first project in Nittedal – Hakadal Sør. It is possible, that we will continue with other networks there this year.

02.07.2016 New projects: Melkeplassen and Landås Nedre
We will deploy a FTTH network in Melkeplassen and Landås Nedre. These are the projects for BKK Fiber.

01.06.2016 Raufoss team established
Technitel has just established a team in Lillehammer area. We will engage into a very large FTTH project in Raufoss. There is over 100km of fiber cables to be blown. The project starts in July.

14.05.2016 Tysse FTTH project
We will continue with FTTH network in Haga-Bjørkheim area. Jobs in Tysse start in one week.

29.04.2016 Installations in Drammen area
Technitel will be realizing customer installations in Øvre Ekervei.

13.02.2016 New project in Bergen municipality
Technitel received yesterday a small fiber project in Kronstad.

01.02.2016 New project in Haga-Bjorkheim
In a week time we will set our teams off to a new FTTH project in Bergen area: Haga-Bjorkheim.

01.12.2015 Installations for Eltel Networks AS
Technitel will provide support with teams realizing inside installations for Eltel Networks AS in Bergen in December. The target is to get as many installations done as possible by Christmas break!

20.11.2015 New project in Rossland
We have been awarded with a large FTTH project in Rossland (BKK Fiber). The jobs start today.

15.09.2015 Oslo team established
Technitel has established a small team in Oslo and will realize projects in Vardefjellet and Starveien areas (Oslo municipality). These are CanalDigital projects and deal mainly with customer installations.

09.09.2015 New project in Ravnanger
Technitel has been awarded a big FTTH project in Ravnanger (CanalDigital).

27.08.2015 New project in Låksevag
We will deploy FTTH network in Låksevag (BKK Fiber).

26.08.2015 CanalDigital FTTH projects
Technitel has reached an agreement and will realize CanalDigital FTTH projects in Bergen and Oslo areas.

01.05.2015 Indre Arna FTTH continuation
We will continue the FTTH project in Indre Arna (BKK Fiber) – jobs in Indre Arna Nord begin very soon.

15.01.2015 New projects in Bergen municipality
Technitel has started small fiber network projects in Lyngbø and Radøy/Bøvagen areas.

11.01.2015 New project in Indre Arna Sor
We have been awarded a FTTH project in Indre Arna Sør (BKK Fiber). The jobs are to start shortly